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Ofertas de Venta:

Dear Sir/Madam, (HS 040130)We would like to offer: UHT milk. Our UHT milk is process from natural and fresh cow milk. Starting from ingredient selection till packaging is done by trained...

Origen: Indonesia
Categoría: Leches UHT
Cantidades: 200 cartons
CV Starindo Gemilang

Jl. Raden Wijaya #30

Mojokerto, 61321

East Java


Ofertas de Venta:

good quality

Origen: Ucrania
Categoría: Leches UHT
Trade Milk Service Ltd.

Regati pst. 1-5P-325

Tallinn, 11911

+372 6 398 005


Ofertas de Venta:

Produced from cow's milk via UHT technique. Because it is homogenized, its fat does not accumulate on its surface. Can be stored at room temperatures until its date of expiry, provided that its...

Origen: Turquía
Categoría: Leches UHT
Yorsan Gida Mamulleri A.S.

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi

Susurluk/Balikesir, 10600


Ofertas de Venta:

Milk treated with ultra high temperature wit fat content as required by the client packed in 1 Litter tetrapack with shelf life of six months

Origen: Polonia
Categoría: Leches UHT
Prospect Sp. Z O.O.

Al Solidarnosc 82A/15

Warsaw, 01-003


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